Your Adventure Map

Because most of the travel adventures I write to share with you take several posts before they're concluded, I thought I'd create this handy map so you can find your way around each trip.  Each Holiday will have the 'advenutres of' posted in sequence below, the last one being the conclusion. 

(Any post that isn't about a trip specifically, can be found in the archives on the right side of the home page).

Boston 2007
  1. Boston?! ... I'm in!
  2. "Freedom Trip" - "Freedom Trail"...same thing ;)

Dominican Republic 2007
  1. Hola Dominicana!
  2. "Looky Looky for FREE"
  3. Puerto Plata: beyond the gates of Playa Dorada (and so much more)
  4. No, No, No, No!! I'm not ready to go yet!

The Maritimes
  1. Honey, we're home

Newfoundland 2007
  1. "Hi, you home? Okay, I'm coming to Newfoundland to visit you"
  2. I'se an Honorary Newfie :)
  3.  Newfoundland Rocks
  4. know I'll be back!

Cuba 2008
  1. A Carribean Vacation?! Okay! :)
  2. Visiting a postcard...welcome to Cuba!!!
  3. A Cuban Experience
  4. "Habana Bound" - we've saved you a seat
  5. Of Love or Peanuts...Dear Cuba, I must go Home!
  6. Until we meet again Varadero...

Montréal 2008


  • Puerto Plata
  • Sosua
  • Punta Cana

  • all four corners
  • Dublin 2015 for St Patrick's week 
Costa Rica
Doha, Qatar

  • Mayan Riviera
  • Playa del Carmen
Las Vegas

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguazú Falls
New York

  • NYC
  • Rochester

Montreal (again)
Boston (again)
Atlantic Canada
Paris, France
Puerto Rico